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  1. Thanks to both of you for your replies. OK I ran CCleaner and blew it away (I thot). CC is no longer finding what still exists. C/windows/Debug sub folder UserMode (file is empty) sub folder WIA sub sub folder showing wiatrace.log of 5 KB (text document) CC is not finding this log file it. This is what it looks like: **************** Started trace for Module: [sti_ci.dll] in Executable [setup.exe] ProcessID: [964] at 2007/12/04 16:54:35:598 **************** WIA: 964.968 0 0 0 [sti_ci.dll] ERROR: OnDIF_DESTROYPRIVATEDATA, Invalid argument. **************** Starte
  2. Hi folks: I'm a newbie and not even sure I should be posting this here but I can't seem to get an answer anywhere on the net. I just ran CCleaner (current version) and it found these entries that I don't recall seeing before: C:\Windows\PFRO.log 1.56KB C:\Windows\Debug\mrt.log 1.23KB C:\Windows\Debug\mrteng.log 576 bytes C:\Windows\Debug\UserMode\ChkAcc.log 0 bytes C:\Windows\Debug\UserMode\ChkAcc.bak 0 bytes I know the log files can be safely deleted but what about the .bak file (it has no bytes in it?) I'm running Vista x64 Home Premium OS. So far CCleaner has n
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