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  1. Hi Davey. Thanks for your additional response and for the link. Appreciate your interest and help. Regards, Scotirish
  2. Hello again, Jamin4u. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! Regards, Scotirish
  3. Thanks Jamin4U for your input. I guess I'm having trouble communicating my question to get the type answer I'm looking for. In the CCleaner "tour" for newcomers, in the section (#5) relating to the Registry, it states, "That is why CCleaner includes a complete backup option, so in the rare event you remove something that you later need - you will have a backup to restore from. To use, simply press the "Scan for Issues" button and once completed press the "Fix Selected Issues" button. You will be prompted to backup and helped throughout the process." It is this last sentence that I want to
  4. Thank you for your response, Davey. I have checked out both links in your response and they are quite helpful. I am only interested in the backup part of CCleaner, as I don't plan to mess with the Registry otherwise. I don't plan to go into the Registry for anything else. I'm just interested in the backup for backing up the "Registry issues."
  5. Good morning. I am new to CCleaner, having installed it this week. I'm interested in learning more about the Registry's "complete backup option" as mentioned in the product tour. Does it have its own backup within the cleaner or does the backup use Windows backup or other system? There really isn't much info on this option and I'd like to know exactly how it works. Thanks for any input you may offer.
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