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  1. Dear Alan and Davey, Thanks for the help. I stitched off the Adobe Flash player and I unchecked all in Advanced except for Prefetch and Files. Problem gone. There's something I suspect in those other Advanced options that is interfering with internet connectivity. Is it woth reporting this problem? Thanks again for the help, Philip
  2. Thanks Alan. Yes, I guess that's the only real solution. I'm having to do a Vista System restore each time I run CCleaner, so it's will be a time-consuming process. I was hoping that someone might have had the same problem already and have already gone through this process!! Thanks again for the input. Philip
  3. Thanks for the idear guys, but I don't yet have the solution. I already had the Cookie/URL delete turned off and I am not running Zone alarm but the Vista Firewall. When I say I cannot connect to the Net after a CCleaner run, I am I am totally unable to connect and my ADSL modem is tellin/showing me that I am not connected, as with a red cross on the Windows schematic. I cannot connect to anything, even sites I know that do not require cookies. I suspect it is something in the Advanced settings because it was only after I opened these that I have had problems. Any more ideas? I'd appreciate the help.
  4. I'm a new user and would be grateful for help. After I run CCleaner, I cannot connect to the Internet at all, even after I disconnect and re-connect. I have to do a sytem restore and re-connect to get connected again. Can someone tell me which ticked box is causing the problem? I'm running Vista with an ADSL modem/router. Thanks in advance for the help because I do like CCleaner and want to continue to use it.
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