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  1. I have AVG, Avast, BitDefender and Avira. I had two and a virus came to my other PC so I decided to add two more
  2. Well, I tried but the problem is still there! The same thing happens with Control Panel I din't know how to use the dial a fix so I checked everything
  3. 01. CCleaner 2.09.600. I believe it's the full version. 02. I went to CCleaner's webpage and downloaded it through FileHippo 03. Windows XP Service Pack 2 04. The first time I removed it with Windows "Add/Remove" the second with CCleaner 05. I have Firefox I believe an update downloaded yesterday or today and Internet Explorer 7 06. The toolbar never appeared because what happened is, when I install CCleaner I always put next and forget to uncheck that option. But after I realize my mistake I uninstall it. I mean it may have appeared but I never checked. 07. I believe my Windows is up to date 08. I mean this, I'll try my best because I speak spanish, I know english but it's hard to explain technical stuff. If for example, I double click on the My PC Icon. It loads and then the lower toolbar, I believe it's the taskbar, where the open programs show up, the clock, etc, disappears. And some things show up that weren't there, for example, I don't have Pando open and it appears. What bothers me is I can't use Windows Explorer or My PC. I just tried and it happens with Control Panel. Last time, I solved it with System Restore, on thursday. I didn't think it was CCleaner, I've used it for so long and never had any issues, I thought it could be a virus or spyware. But after System Restore it was all ok until I opened CCleaner. I had an old version of CCleaner (because of System Restore) so it said I could update. So I reinstalled the one I downloaded and the same problem appeared. I tried System Restore but I can't get to a previous point :-S
  4. After I installed the new version of CCleaner I uninstalled the Yahoo toolbar and now I can't open My PC or Windows Explorer. I used System Restore and the problem disappeared. I installed CCleaner again and the same problem!!
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