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    log file

    I haven;t received any responses to this question. If I run the portable CCleaner.EXE with the /AUTO option from a command prompt, is there way to generate a log file containing a list of the files that are deleted? Thanks in advance. Lloyd
  2. lwolf

    log file

    Hello. Looking for a little help... If I run the portable CCleaner.EXE with the /AUTO option from a command prompt, is there way to generate a log file containing a list of the files that are deleted? Thanks in advance. Lloyd
  3. Understood. Thanks very much for all the the information!!! Now that I have CCleaner working the way Ineeded, I will happily make a $ contribution tomorrow. Lloyd
  4. Mr T, Thanks so much. I appreciate it. Have a nice day ! lloyd
  5. Mushu13, Thanks very much for your reply. I think that sounds like a path to accomplish my goal. So just to confirm my understanding, I would then distribute the following files to a temp directory on my network computers: - portable CCleaner.EXE file - customized WinApp1.ini and WinSys1.ini files (with Defaults all set to False) - my customized CCleaner.INI file - with specific items set to True Then I would execute CCleaner.EXE /AUTO Does that sounds correct? Also... i posted a Reply to the post that you linked to, asking Mr T if he could please post the embedded cleanin
  6. Mr T, Could you please provide embedded INIs for the latest version v2.10.618 ? Thanks! Lloyd
  7. So I will go back to my original scenerio/question... I want to limit the cleaning to just these items - Internet Explorer -> Temporary Internet Files - System -> Empty Recycle Bin - System -> Temporary Files - System -> Clipboard - System -> Memory Dumps - System -> Chkdsk File Fragments. I make the CCleaner.INI file on my computer - using the full/GUI program. I copy that CCleaner.INI file to the other network PCs, along with the portable CCleaner.EXE program. I want to resitrct these computers to only cleaning what as in my original CCleaner.INI file. But w
  8. Nergal, Hello. Thanks for the reply. I woudl like to clarify to help make sure that I understand. I am familiar with the portable version - but I thought that was simply the EXE file for distribution purposes, which would make it easier/possible for me to run CCleaner.EXE on all the network PCs - without having to run a setup program. I had only planned on running the full/GUI version on my personal PC - to set the contents of the INI file. Then I also tested the openign of the GUI version of a secodn test PC - to confirm that only my initial settings remained checked/enabled. A
  9. Hello. I am trying to use CCleaner for a network of computers - to cleanup user's PCs and am running into a little trouble. I am looking for a little guidance. I have run CCleaner on my computer, and specified the option Save All Settings to INI file. So in that INI file, only the above options are set to True, all other options are set to False. Then I copied this CCleaner.INI file to a temp directory on each computer on the network, along with CCleaner.EXE. My intention is to run CCleaner.EXE /AUTO I believe this is techncially working, but my problem is that I want to limit the amo
  10. Understood. Okay, I just posted my first question. We'll see how that goes. Lloyd
  11. Hello. I am new to CCleaner. I have read through the online documentation, beginner's guide, help files, etc. But I still have some qestions. I feel it would probably be far easier for me to talk with a Support Person about my 3-4 questions, than to post questions here. Is there a way to purchase Telephone Support for CCleaner - either on an annual basis, or for a one-time basis ? Lloyd
  12. Hello. A newbie question here... I am planning to run CCleaner.EXE /AUTO for all users on my network, at each login. I have thins part working just fine. Now additionally, for the purposed of reporting, I am wondering if it is possible to capture the number of files deleted. I would like to somehow grab this information, then run a script that collects it - so I can report on the total number of files cleaned, across my network, over the past X days. Is is possible to collect/export/report the number of files deleted? Thanks in advance. Lloyd
  13. Just wondering.... anyone have any ideas about this? lloyd
  14. Hello. I am fairly new to CCleaner. I have a question... I have several computer son my network running Windows XP Pro with SP2 or SP3 applied. I seem to have several program files in c:\windows\Downloaded Installations and also c:\windows\Downloaded Program Files. From their names, they appear to be installation files for programs that were downloaded from the Internet. For example, there is a linke for SOMETHING.EXE. You click ont he link, and instead of choosing SaveAs, you choose Run. IE downloads the file, and then runs it from that temp location. Is there any way to have
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