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  1. I was running Defraggler on a Compaq Presario 2200 (XP) and it got to 63%. It stopped doing anything for 15 minutes adn all the bottom buttons were greyed out, so I could not pause. All the windows locked up so I rebooted. Now my PC won't boot and it says the Hard Disk can't be found. In BIOS setup, I found a self test for the hard drive, and it says there is no hard drive. I can hear the drive start and stop but I get this message flashing: FOR REALTEK PCI ETHERNET CONTROLLER PXE-E61: MEDIA TEST FAILURE, CHECK CABLE The Web says maybe the hard disk cable is loose, but I think it is locked up from something Defraggler must have done. Also, does anyone know how to take the hard disk out and reseat it? I tug on it and it does not come out. Doesn anyone have ideas? Thanks email removed to prevent spamming
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