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  1. I guess so: C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth. I seem to remember the GE install doesn't offer any other location. Now, CCleaner I installed in my own, chosen directory. In fact, I did just the same with the two programs on the two machines, one with XP SP3 and the other one with Vista--the latter being where it's malfunctioning. Problem is, I can't find winapp.ini in the Vista system! Under XP, the CCleaner directory contains 18 files, whereas the same under Vista has only three: CCleaner.exe, lang1036.dll and uninst.exe. What did Vista do with the other files? I've been ther
  2. Thanks, Nergal, I'll be back tomorrow with the info you request.
  3. After changing my HD I reinstalled Vista and all and CCleaner 2.10.618, which claims to have "Improved Google Earth cleaning and detection" -- but it still won't see Google Earth on my system.
  4. PS: I did read winapp2.ini, but not only is it a bit awkwardly written, but it doesn't seem to apply to Vista.
  5. As I am mentioning elsewhere (see "CCleaner misses programs, CCleaner and Google Earth"), the problem I am having would no longer exist if you make CCleaner to become aware of a program it has missed. I am not into computers, but maybe you could just have to mention the path of the exe (like googleearth.exe) and CCleaner would know just where to find the keys and which file(s) it must monitor? Or maybe I am dreaming this?
  6. I forgot to mention that the problem I am experiencing is with Vista. I tried to copy the [GoogleEarth] section from the winapp.ini of the version I am using on another machine with XP SP3, but it seems you just can't transfer data from one system to another, even after adjusting the (ir-)relevent paths, as Vista's regedit doesn't seem to work quite like XP's. So I am asking again: is there any way to make CCleaner aware of the presence of Google Earth on the system running with Vista? Thanks again...
  7. Thanks, Whiteshark. I'll try it all soon...unless I decide to do it the usual, other way: uninstall CCleaner and whatever programs I want it to survey, then reinstall them all, ending with CCleaner. And all the while keep my fingers crossed for the manoeuvre to work!
  8. Thanks, but does that appear in winsys.ini or winapp.ini, please? Do you think I should create a new paragraph about Google Earth in any of those two? Would you please explain what you call "my Windows Registry"? Thanks again, thanks in advance!
  9. Hello. I've been trying CCleaner for some time and have been quite happy with it, but one thing--bug?-- does annoy me. I had to reinstall my Dell laptop, and found that this time CCleaner does not list Google Earth as an "Application". I uninstalled CCleaner and reinstalled it, to no avail. Should I un-and re-install Google Earth now? Or: how do I make CCleaner become aware of Google Earth? Of course I could add the GE folder in the "Custom Files and folders" field, but I guess CCleaner would wipe out the whole content, not just the file that keeps what I entered in the "Research" field in G
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