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  1. I found another way of getting rid of the hibefil file problem, if you go into Disk Cleanup, it comes up when it is scanning the system, so I did that (before I saw your message) and that seemed to resovle the problem.


    Your solution in regards to Recycle bin files worked perfect, thanks!

  2. I have been using version 1.02.078(BETA) and I have had some files that will not defrag, can anyone tell me what to do about them?




    and today I started getting messages about files in the $Recycle.Bin folder, but my recycle bin is empty, I make sure of that!


    Any help from you guys would be great...cheers!

  3. While I think about it, a 'Piriform Portable Media Pack' can be created on portable media by putting :-




    CCleaner.exe AND winapp.ini


    I'm guessing this might be a stupid question, but where exactly is winapp.ini? Or do you mean the .ini file for each program?

  4. Hey there, I've been using this software for a few weeks now and recently noticed there was a newer version and upgraded a few minutes ago.


    I personally do not see what the problem with the GUI is, although everyone has thier own preferences, I'm happy as long as the prgram works, and it's a freebie. It does appear to work slower (although I'm currently using it on a Vista PC, I have not tried this on my XP laptop as yet) but if it does do the job betteer than Windows Defrag then I'm happy...and I expect a few problems here and there as it is in beta.


    Great stuff though on the whole and kudos to the creators!

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