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  1. I found another way of getting rid of the hibefil file problem, if you go into Disk Cleanup, it comes up when it is scanning the system, so I did that (before I saw your message) and that seemed to resovle the problem. Your solution in regards to Recycle bin files worked perfect, thanks!
  2. I have been using version 1.02.078(BETA) and I have had some files that will not defrag, can anyone tell me what to do about them? hiberfil.sys and today I started getting messages about files in the $Recycle.Bin folder, but my recycle bin is empty, I make sure of that! Any help from you guys would be great...cheers!
  3. I'm guessing this might be a stupid question, but where exactly is winapp.ini? Or do you mean the .ini file for each program?
  4. I'd like to see page and registry defrag added at some stage, and also the ability to hide files the cannot be drfragmented.
  5. Hey there, I've been using this software for a few weeks now and recently noticed there was a newer version and upgraded a few minutes ago. I personally do not see what the problem with the GUI is, although everyone has thier own preferences, I'm happy as long as the prgram works, and it's a freebie. It does appear to work slower (although I'm currently using it on a Vista PC, I have not tried this on my XP laptop as yet) but if it does do the job betteer than Windows Defrag then I'm happy...and I expect a few problems here and there as it is in beta. Great stuff though on the whole and kudos to the creators!
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