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  1. Hey, thanks for the info and tips...I downloaded everything you mentioned and will heed the warning. I did have to set the advanced option on to get rid of the virus and it was still on, so I just turned it off. I noticed it took away all my menu items again...so I tured it off and have not noticed them apareaing yet. Guess I need a reboot? We'll see.
  2. OK, NM, it works, I just had to actually USE a program, not simply just choose it and open it up. So, nothing broken so far I guess that I know of. My apologies. And thanks CCleaner Team for getting rid of that rediculous virus
  3. I am using Vista and got a bad virus that took over my IE7 and I couldn't get rid of it with SpyBot, Avast nor AVG so I downloaded CCleaner again. After I cleaned up with your program to get rid of a piece of crap virus, the Store and display a list of recently opened files doesn't work anymore and my whole start menu is blank except for an IE7 icon. Anyway to fix this or am I going to be forced to do a registry restore with CCleaner and get reinfected with that virus I had? It's not saving anything at all in the sart menu list except IE icon. Every single time I try CCleaner
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