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  1. I am getting this too. Thought it was just me. Thanks for posting it. I will mark this thread and wait
  2. When trying to check for an update to Defraggler, I get this page: http://www.piriform.com/defraggler/update?v=2.21.993&l=1033 Version 2.21.993 Windows 7 64 bit
  3. Awesome. TY. I tried to "like" your post but it said I had reached my maximum number of positive votes for today. I haven't voted on anything as a matter of fact this is the first time I've been to this forum in a very long time. Anyway, ty again
  4. In Defraggler is there a way to change the temp showing from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
  5. Ok i think we are getting our wires crossed here. Ok, when I open the program in Windows, the link at the lower right of the program under the "scan" button. I do this about once a week just to see if I have any updates available. I click that. Usually it will tell me "You have the latest version" so I know it's not just blocking Java or whatever.. However this time it said there was a new version available. It says the new version is the same version I already have installed. I hope I explained my issue better now.
  6. No that was the priform website. I clicked the little link at the bottom of the app to see if there were any updates avaiable. When I got to the website that's what it said. The screenshot is from the piriform website.
  7. I get this when checking for updates, however it appears I already have the version it is saying is available. ??
  8. I have the free version of CCleaner and am wondering if there is a way to make the registry cleaner ignore certain file types? Thanks
  9. Ok will do. I don't have any other Grisoft software at all.
  10. When using CCleaner, in the "Applications" tab there is an entry for AVG 8. I do not have this program on my computer. How can I remove that entry? It is unchecked, but it still bothers me.
  11. When running CCleaner, I usually use the "check for updates" button. I did this and it found version 212.660, which I clicked the "Click here to download, did so, and installed. However, when I run, it still shows 212.651 version, and when I click check for updates, it of course says one is available. The filename of the file that I download is "ccsetup212.exe". I have tried completely uninstalling/removing the old version and running the setup files, but it still does the same thing..even the version on the top of the program says "212.651". So, what can I do? Thank you
  12. duchess

    WoW issues?

    Ok everyone thank you SO very much for all your help. I have unticked the suggested option and will find out tomorrow if it is fixed. Again, thanks!
  13. duchess

    WoW issues?

    No. He is down here visiting and he reinstalled the game on my pc and went and got all his addons from the websites and installed them. He played the game that night and everything was fine, but when he went to play again the next morning, all his interface settings and such were gone. He had to redo all of them. And the only thing I can think that I did between those times was install CCleaner. I am wondering if the progam maybe "cleaned" that folder? I don't know, but that's the only thing I can think of it could be.
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