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  1. Oh ya i had googled befoe and i came up with that site. But i just havent found any that say whta a good size is. I just think the Vista recommended one uses WAY too much. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Well i recently went to check out why there was a huge chunk of my hard drive set aside for SOMETHING, and another user suggested i check the system restore. Well...it turns out Vista had set aside 33GB of space for system restore! And what confused me was...i had just cleared then with Disk Cleanup a couple hours before i used TuneUp Utilities 2008, and it had already grown to 33GB. So, what is a good size for system restore? I was thinking about setting it around 10-15GB.
  3. Good news! Hope i helped!
  4. Hi, I took a couple screen for you. The first one is of the defrag when it fails, i put a dot beside the thing is causing it. One is of it complete, the other is failed. Good luck with the bug
  5. Hi Piriform! I have been using Defraggler and CCleaner for some time now and just recently ran into one problem with Defraggler (the most recent version). Everytime i try to defragment i get a "Defrag Failed" beside status. I am currently running Vista Business 64-bit SP1 with all the latest updates, etc. Steps to how i defragment... -Open up Defraggler -Click analyze -Tick off the colomn to defrag ALL files -Click Defrag And that's really all there is to it. Im currently doing the "Defrag Drive" option which i actually did not even know existed and it seems to be working, very slowly. That's all, thanks. defraggler.exe._1_1_73__2008_05_25_05_01_.txt defraggler.exe._1_1_73__2008_05_25_05_01_.txt
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