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  1. Thanks Tarun, I'll take your word for it. Even though I have rebooted the laptop on mumerous occassions, those two items remain. It clears everything else, except those two items. It is strange that CCleaner appears to clean everyting on my Dell, but not my laptop. Richard
  2. I have an old Gatewaysolo laptop that I have not used in awhile. I downloaded CCleaner and performed a scan of the system. It did a great job cleaning up a lot of crap, however it left two items. I have tried deleting them over and over and they will not delete. This is what it looks like. Cleaning Complete - (1.33 Secs) 0 bytes removed Details of files removed Marked for deletion: C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content IE5\index.dat Marked for deletion: C:\Windows\Cookies\index.dat They will not remove from the laptop. When I run CCleaner on my Dell it clears all fields. It appears to clean the way described. What do you think is the problem? Richard Leumas
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