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  1. I personally like the new tabs. I like seeing more information then previously like the pie chart or analysis results vs. current state. I also like that this information is on the default tab, it's better for new users. I do agree with thm though that there should be the four different defrag options. I know that you can defrag freespace through the advanced menu but it should be a more accessible option. I do have a couple of additional comments about the latest version though. -Should add a timer that shows time elapsed and estimated time remaining. -The percentage complete is not very accurate. It jumps around a lot and then stays at a certain percentage for 40 min., and then will jump quickly again. -When you maximize the window, the UI does not resize accordingly. It just stays the same small size in a now big white window. -I also really like jd's idea. "When you Analyze, have Defraggler suggest whether or not you should defrag and which type to use." -Add in a scheduler for analysis. It will automatically defrag based on the analysis results given using the above method. Overall this was a nice release though, good work.
  2. I don't know if any of you have read this article, but it's worth a read. http://www.betanews.com/article/Microsoft_...keys/1209582561 What can COFEE find that CCleaner doesn't clean up? Can COFEE or Recuva reconstruct things that CCleaner deletes if you have it set to 7 NSA passes? Any discussion about this article and CCleaner is encouraged.
  3. I would like to see maybe a small box at the bottom of the CCleaner window for descriptions. These would come up for every item with a check box next to it, whenever you clicked on the name. In it would be a much more detailed description of what CCleaner will actually be doing if this option is checked. Just one or two sentences would be fine. I think it would help with general knowledge of what is going on. For example, most everyone knows what cookies are and what they do, but it may be more of a mystery if they should delete the memory dumps or clean out regedit. Also this may allow you to get rid of the four annoying pop ups when you click the advanced button. I don't think this would be very hard to add because it is just cosmetic, not really internal. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
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