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  1. Hi TwistedMetal, Obviously this topic does not belong in "CCleaner Bug Reporting!" Sorry! Mindlessly carried on here when I jumped* from "Help" by misty33. Believe it belongs in "Lounge." *Shouldn't do that I suppose!
  2. Something else found relevant to a fix of background "whiteout." If the Forum experts frown on this, or find it needs correction, please let us know! Try this: Firefox Tools>Options>General> click on "Fonts and Colors." Go to "Always use my" and, if checked, uncheck "Colors:" >OK "Fonts and Colors," >OK "General," Refresh/reload page. See result. The main point is that "Always use my: Colors" when checked, will produce the background colors that are indicated in "Text and Background", and if overidden ("Use System Colors" checked) at the same time, the background will be white. Further, if you choose custom link colors and overide text and background custom colors, (check "Use system colors"), the background will be white! I played around with "Text and Background" and "Link Colors" for a while - very interesting! This user is very green and found this a good place in FirefoxTools to play happily and get used to an aspect of working a PC. (Don't think that Internet Explorer is as easy!) You can't mess up! Just jot down the settings when you start, play around, and go back when finished. Or you may want to stay with your very own pretty Forum page!
  3. Whoever is responsible, that signature is OUTRAGEOUS! The forum will deteriorate badly if a moderator lets C-R-A-P like that in. Libellous, slanderous! Moderators should moderate, not (if it's true that there's messing around) agitate. DjLizard, you're GOOD for us! But if you left, who wouldn't understand!
  4. DjL and all, Well, I've looked into this (extensive Googleing) and "Move system caret........" need only be checked in special circumstances, at which time you would be prompted. So I've left it clear. For some internal reason, in this case, unchecking cleared the "problem." Obviously not a fix for all! Why it was checked on this PC I have no idea, but I do know that I did have things happening, (that I did not understand), when clicking on text. I had thought "glitch" and ignored it. Now that little puzzle has gone! So, anyone could try this - it couldn't hurt! If you're checked, uncheck. If for any reason you need it - recheck! Now I feel more sane! ~_~ ommmmm.............
  5. (Started new topic as old thread seemed to die!) Thanks guys for all your attempts in "Help" by misty33 (Jul 13). Here's my fix: Firefox Tools>Options>Advanced>Accessibility>uncheck: "Move system caret.........." And there was color! After, went back and re-checked "Move system caret.........." and color remained! (Fix found by trial and error only - green luck!). All seems OK.* misty33, ONLY if DjLizard, rridgely or Tarun agree, try this. Hope it helps you! *After shutdown, restart.
  6. Thanks DjLizard, you tried your best! (Today I found what "X_X" means!!!) The cause of the "whiteout" is somewhere in the PC and surely needs a hands on tech. Not worth bothering with - it's a zero item. Nothing to do with CCleaner Forum! o/~
  7. WINDOWS XP + Service Pack 2. Going to watch a movie now - back tomorrow. Thanks for keeping on.
  8. Thanks rridgely, but same result! .exe -p brings up "Firefox Start" page and .exe-p "file not found." The white Forum looks better all the time!
  9. DjLizard, to further burden you, on looking into your last paragraph, this --------- Start>Run>"firefox.exe-profilemanager" produced "not found." Then Start>Search (full) produced "no result." I am confused!
  10. How's misty33 doing? Getting used to the white? It's quite "Zen" as they say! (Those that say that).
  11. DjLizard, I'm struggling here! (Yes, I did try control+refresh - no luck.) Going to 2b) - it opened a file with 2 folders: "Default User" and "default.7zm" - now what? On to 3a) Sorry, quite unclear (to me) what you mean by "copy and paste the line below." You'll feel like you're dealing with an idiot, I'm afraid. Going into the "inner workings, (although not very deeply), is strange. Did copy and paste those folders though! Thanks if you want to go forward - greenuser (very )
  12. Just did that - no change!
  13. Yes! Thanks for your interest! Next?
  14. Yes sir, Mr. rridgely!
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