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  1. No to sound confused, but can you be more specific - what is "the Winnie linked to your CCleaner folder?" When I look in my CCleaner folder I only see the Lang folder and CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe and the winapp2.ini. How do I see the builtin winapp.ini (3.24)?
  2. Hi - Thanks - that helped a lot. Is there any way a user can modify the winapp.ini file? For example, if I wanted to exculde "Access" from the Office 2007? I think what I am remembering is when Office 2007 was in the winapp2.ini, I could REM out that line - but if its "built-in" where do I modify the winapp.ini?
  3. Hi, Thank you - I see the latest Winapp2.ini does now have three Detect lines - that certainly should cover any version of MailWasher. Question: I see in my Applications list "Office 2007" and "Office XP" but I don't see either of these in the winapp2.ini file. Are these applications being handled by CCleaner "internally" and I can't change what is being cleaned? For example, excluding "Excel's recent" file list? I think a long time ago, Office XP was in the winapp2.ini and each program (Word, Power, Excel, Access) had individual entries - but that was many versions ago. Thanks for
  4. Just a follow-up - how do I request the above change made to the download version of winapp2.ini so the next time I download it, it has the corrected entry?
  5. Hi - thanks for sticking with this. Your "Detect2" works fine in WinXP. I did finally find what the issue is with Win7. You need to remove the space between MailWasher and Pro since the Registry Key in Win7 is really, "HKCU/Software\Firetrust\MailWasherPro" (no space) and in WinXP its as you said just "MailWasher" (no Pro). Who knows why they changed it between the two operating systems, but........finally, it does show up in the Applications/Internet list. All this makes me believe that MailWasher is not being detected by CCleaner and it definitely requires the proper entry in th
  6. Thanks - one things I do know for sure, I have the Registry Key for MailWasher Pro and CCleaner is not cleaning the log files and CCleaner does not show MailWasher Pro in the Applications list. Any suggestion on how to get it to detect that program? Is there any problem with programs being listed in Win7/Program Files (x86) and not in Win7/Program Files?
  7. Ok, sorry if I have "misled" any of you. I thought I was pretty clear. I have applications installed (example MailWasher Pro) and they do not show up in the Applications list in CCleaner. So, to keep it simple, where does CCleaner get the Applications it lists? I thought it was from the winapp2.ini. Am I wrong? To continue the senereio - let's use MailWasherPro. Its installed in my system and it does creat log files that I would like to have CCleaner "clean." That isn't happening, so I went looking for a check box to tell CCleaner that I want to include MailWasher Pro as one of t
  8. Yes, the Registry Key is present - and I install to the default location. When running WinXP I had no problem with MailWasher showing in the Applications list. But with Win7 its just not there.
  9. What do you mean about MailWasher being installed in the Appropriate way? I installed in using the MailWasher installer and it runs just fine - just no check box in Applications. As to Office 2007, in older version (when I was running WinXP), I could modify how CCleaner handled Office by editing the winapp2.ini (for example, I did not want it to clean Access recent so I commented (REM) that line out). I just don't see any way of doing that now - if as you say, CClean is doing it without the winapp2.ini entries. Please clearify the Mailwasher comment. And remember, I'm running on Wi
  10. I must be doing something wrong (again). I'm using the latest version of CCleaner and the current winapp2.ini on a Windows 7 (64bit) system. I see Applications listed in the Winapp2.ini file but they do not show up in the Application list in CCleaner. For example, I see MailWasher Pro listed in the file, but I can't find it in the list to check (or uncheck). Also, what happened to Office 2007, etc. in winapp2.ini? It used to be there (and I do have it installed on my system) and it does appear in the Application list in CCleaner. What am I missing? Some don't show in the App
  11. Dennis, Yes, I agree - by running it at start-up it looks like a fresh reboot is required to get the list to populate. I would love to run the program at shut-down - too bad CCleaner only has the option for start-up built-in.
  12. Anyone seen this before? Any suggestions?
  13. 1. I have CCleaner set to run at StartUp 2. Most recent used program list is empty. 3. Most recent used programs never populate. If I untick "Advanced: User Assist History" then the Most Recent Program list populates normally (as I open and close programs). But, if I have "Advanced: User Assist History" checked and run the Cleaner, next time I reboot, the list is empty and never adds programs. I understand the Cleaner emptying the contents, but why does it not allow programs to be added? Not a real problem, just an annoyance. V3.04.1389 on Windows XP SP3.
  14. I actually found it (I think). Appears to be a Registry Key - HKCU\Software\Copernic\DesktopSearch2\Config\SearchHistory Made a request to see if this could be added to winapp2.ini Thanks
  15. Hi - Does anyone know where Copernic Desktop Search stores the "history" from the Search box? I know you can manually clear it, so there must be some file that CC should be able to handle. I would like to add this to winapp2.ini, if possible. Thanks
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