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  1. Thanks for this. Have now written to Mr G. Cheers
  2. I updated my email address on this website a few weeks ago, but today's email notification about the release of Crap Cleaner v 1.41 went to my old email address. This address is just about to disappear, as I have changed ISPs. How can I get my records updated, and so continue to receive notifications about new releases? I can't see any guidance about this on the website. Cheers
  3. As a newbie, I have been very impressed by CCleaner, but am somewhat intriqued by why, when I run it on the XP Admin account on my home PC, it shows no 'issues', but if I then run it from one of our limited accounts, it comes up with about 35 files, which appear to relate to uninstalls for MS updates. These take the form: C:\WINDOWS\$NTUnistallKB834707$\spuninst\spuninst.exe Running CCleaner, clears them, but they all reappear as soon as I re-run CCleaner on that account. Is this a minor bug in the program, or a problem with my setup? Many thanks.
  4. According to postings on the Mozilla forum, the next version of Firefox currently in beta (1.1), will include a cleaner. In the meantime, couldn't you simply list the folders to be cleaned in the <Options> <Custom folders> section of CCleaner? Cheers
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