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  1. I think this is suited to a feature request rather than a bug report. Could we get the firefox cookie cleaning updated to add support for people using firefox with TorButton. TorButton allows the toggling of the proxy setting on Firefox so that users can quickly switch to using a Tor connection. One of the features of Torbutton is that it creates a separate cookies file for non tor state so when using a tor state cookies can not be stolen. The down side to this is that CCleaner no longer clears the cookies in Firefox (while add-ons like CookieCuller do). From what I've seen Torbutton just creates a cookies-nontor.txt and cookies-nontor.xml file although it is quite possible I am missing something here...
  2. Would it be possible to add a feature to CCleaner that would clear the USB device list from the registry. As people may or may not know the registry stores every USB device you have used along with the Device Name and how many times it is used. Sort of an anti version of the free Checkpoint tool - www.checkpoint.com/devicediscoverytool
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    This is not actually the case, it is better to erase then defrag. Defraging first results in files getting moved around and as a result the free disk space wipe can potentially miss parts of files. Erasing first means that you ensure that all deleted files get over written securely. For the paranoid++ people, it'd be worth doing, an erase followed by a defrag followed by another erase
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