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  1. As far as I can tell this easycleaner is pretty slick. 1. All it requires is the EXE (and the options file if you don't want to be prompted for the language) 2. The command line options are great: -startup: Tells EasyCleaner that it was started at the Windows startup. -s: Tells EasyCleaner to start invisibly to the system tray. -reg: Search for invalid registry entries. -delreg: Search for invalid registry entries and delete them when done. -dup: Search for duplicate files. -unn: Search for unnecessary files. -delunn: Search for unnecessary files and delete them when done
  2. Thanks for the info I will look at easycleaner. The fact remains that I would really like these features in CCleaner and am willing to reward however can give these great enhancements to the community. (cash?, mp3 player? it is all negotiable)
  3. I run CCleaner at night when users are not logged in. Since CCleaner cannot remove stuff from users that are not logged in I am also forced to use Cleanup!. Unfortunately Cleanup! does not give the same level of customization. IT FORCES YOU TO DELETE IE HISTORY! Since I really like CCleaner a lot more than Cleanup! I was wondering what it would take to add the following features: - Cleanup for all users when running as system (or a check box to allow this) - Log all changes to a file when running in silent mode. - Allow the registry fixes to be done silently (CCleaner is just so good t
  4. In addition to all the rest. OE's mail storage gets corrupted to easily. Also if your users don't cleanup their sent items they can hit the limit and then they won' t be able to send anymore. Thunderbird is just in another league...
  5. sounds like you are running an MSDE version. This is basicaly one that is bundled with some software you are using
  6. ybouan


    I run everything silently. I would love to have a log with any or all of this: - the number of items removed/cleaned - the space freed up - the folder, indvidual files, and keys modified
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