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  1. Thanks to all. It seems there are conflicting results. Some people have my experience on this machine, versions later than 1.41 worked fine until the cleaner in my case. Now, this W98 computer behaves like some people, only 1.41 works right. I should mention that I have several W98 machines, they accept later versions OK. I never installed NET on the W98 machines, and later CCleaner versions worked OK. BTW, I uninstalled NET on my W2K machine, and it now shuts down in 2 seconds, like W98. NET is IMO a dog. I avoid any program that uses it. Anyway, on the problem machine, I
  2. In W98SE, I had no trouble using the newer versions of CCleaner, either in portable or install versions. One day, unwisely, I ran a new cleaner utility. No surprise, it changed something in registry. Since then, when I start CCleaner, it puts up a CCleaner error screen, not a windows error, have to use a task killer just to kill the screen. I had to go back to CCleaner 1.41, that installs and runs without error screen, and operates normally. Since 1.41 works, and later versions don't, that says they interface with registry differently. I want to be able to use the later, b
  3. On my normal W98SE computer, CCleaner ver. 1.19 runs fine. On my wife's puter also W98SE, when the same CCleaner ver. 1.19 = runs, I get the error screen: "Runtime error 429 ActiveX component can't create = object" On my computer, ActiveX is disabled, still CCleaner runs OK. On my wifes computer, not sure of ActiveX status yet, but doubt it is disabled. What is the problem with that error message and how to fix it? TIA
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