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  1. I have been testing Defraggler on a Windows 2000 server, with drives in very bad shape. In fact, Windows Defrag would just display a red bar and not defrag anything... It's perfect! I can select small groups files to defrag, and have gradually reclaimed my drives! So for that, thanks Piriform (donation is on the way!). At any rate, one thing I would like to see in a future version is the ability to filter on file name or path. So if I want to defrag all the files in a particular directory, I can filter for that directory. Or in the case of a file, select all Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) and just defrag them. That would be very helpful. Another feature I have been looking for in a defrag tool is the ability to take files that have not been accessed/modified in a specified period and move them to the outer edge of the disk. (or move files outward based on last access time, the older the file the further out it goes.) If neither idea is used, no big deal - Defraggler, like CCleaner and recuva, is already on my list of must have tools! Thanks for another great utility for system administrators! Phases
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