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  1. Yeah, But the term "stupid' is unfriendly and demoralizing. These forums are commonly used to seek and offer assistance with issues. Try to keep that in mind. As you advise to look before you leap, I would advise to choose your words before you open your mouth ...or type... to project a positive rather than negative effect.
  2. I'm Running Vista 32 bit. I just downloaded CCleaner. All the advertisements, reviews and blogs said it would uninstall program files. Here's my problem. I have a printer that I returned to vendor, but I uninstalled it before I took it back. I had a problem and ran System Restore. Now the program is on my desktop, in my program files with complete tree including drivers...yet it is not on my Add/Remove list nor does the printer show up in the Printer list. I was told CCleaned could get rid of it for me...but when I look under applications...it's still not there. How can I remove this pro
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