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  1. Augeas, That sounds almost possible! Is a Is there a way to add a wildcard directory to the temp files directory under CCleaner? X:\Documents and Settings\*.*\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files X:\Documents and Settings\*.*\Local Settings\Temp What other directories should I add? (and that is the issue, CCleaner "knows" where all of those directories are and THAT is why it is a great tool!!!)
  2. I understand and that is what I currently do, I pull the hard drive from the infected system, put it in a USB external enclosure and fire it up. Then I go under each user account (with XP) and delete the temporary files and IE temporary files. This speeds virus and malware scanning tremendously! My question was, How do I tell CCleaner that I want it to clean drive X: instead of my C:? I'm not asking it to clean malware or virus, just clean the junk off so the scanners run faster. (all of those temp files slow down scanning!)
  3. I guess there is no way to tell it to clean the slave drive? Would it be possible if I would create a cleaning computer where my primary partion is "D" and map the slave infected drives to "C"? Or does CCleaner "know" what drive is the primary?
  4. Hi, CCleaner is a great tool! I am trying to figure out how to scan an external drive... Whenever I get an infected system, I pull the hard drive and put it in a USB enclosure and scan it from my machine. (this way the virus and malware cannot run but can be deleted.) It would speed up my scans tremendously if I could run CCleaner on them! Is there anyway to accomplish this? Or does anyone have a good way of doing this using another tool? Thank you for your time!
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