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  1. Here is an article you might want to read and consider. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/stop-using-ccleaner-windows/
  2. My post is more a request for information about how a couple of the "features" of CCleaner work. I was unable to find the information on the CCleaner website ( I may have been looking in the wrong place(s). Here is my request: I have some general questions about the operation of CCleaner “Startup” and “Browser Plugin’s” tabs. Are there “Tutorials” or other CCleaner documents that explain the difference between the file listing shown in the two tabs? There seems to be some duplication's. For example, the browser Firefox listings show some files that are also shown in the Windows “Startup
  3. I hit the "post" button before I attached a screenshot of the error message. Attached is a screenshot of the error message. Thanks
  4. I have been trying to download Ccleaner 3.25.1872 free edition from the Piraform and File Hippo web site. The download starts and runs to about 96%, then an error message pops up saying "download can not complete, access denied" I tried several times and received the same error message from both websites. File Hippo site allows download of previous versions, so I tried version 3.24 and received the same "access denied" error. I also tried 3.23 and the download completed with no error. I was able to install version 3.23. I have a Dell laptop, with Windows XP PRO, service pack 3. I
  5. Thank you MrG, I appreciate your interest. How/where should I monitor so I will know when the feature is added andI can give it a try? krazykat
  6. Davey, I have to say both you and hazelnut are correct. The begginers guide does say you can make/export a text file from the CCleaner menu. Also, as hazelnut pointed out the "save as " text or CVS is missing as an option in the registry cleaner section. Having a text or CSV file of the registry is what I need. Even though CCleaner backs up the registery and you can restore (assumung you can boot after the changes) a printed list and import into EXCEL for sorting is essential. Have any idea if this feature is a planned addition to CCleaner? krazykat
  7. Hi, I know this has been suggested many times in the forums, but I have not seen any response by Piriform. So, here is the request (again): In the Registry and other tools, could you add an "export to CSV or text" file the analyze results? Seems like a simple thing to add, many other programs that produce tabular results have this feature. Why is this a good feature: There are several reasons: A record of the analyze results that can be used to compare before and after the correction. A record that can be imported into EXCEL and sorted in different ways and on different col
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