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  1. LOL @MTA's "Sudden paranoia" misinterpretation. No mixed messages intended, not sure where you read between my lines to jump to that conclusion since it's NOT sudden by any means. I've NEVER trusted Gates Inc. since I first used Win3.1 and IE whatever - they've delivered a continual waterfall of security holes, bugs and bloat. I simply said I haven't used IE in years (estimated mid-00's but I've no grasp of time) though for a time I was willing to keep a current IE on my system in case an FF upgrade broke more than it's normal share of add-ons and plug-ins and I wasn't in the mood to do a c
  2. Sorry about that! Been so long since I'd bothered with it, I forgot to add... IE v8.0.6001.19443 64-bit As I recall, there was something about v9 I did not like at all so I went back to v8.
  3. Being paranoid about cookies and the intrusive tactics of various companies (usual suspects - google, yahoo, microsoft) ensures I usually run CCleaner several times per day, every day, for years now. I only use FireFox (v22.0 - always kept updated), haven't used IE or Outlook since the mid-00's BUT I still want to clear anything associated with IE/MSFT just in case the ghost of Bill Gates' parasites are littering behind my back. Typically, CCleaner's been pretty fast, well under a minute to scan and purge. However, with the last two updates (possibly a v4.01.something and now the lates
  4. Valid point, hazelnut, which may explain why there's no setting for it and this is just another annoyance caused by Vista. I'll see if I've overlooked one of bloated Vista's settings that might force "open newest on top." Saying "browser windows" in my post was too specific. While I've never encountered problems by leaving various utilities and windows open - e.g., transitioning between two email accts with the pre-log in window remaining open because I actually want older settings and adobe macromedia files purged, or the secondlife browser since their settings/data storage paths aren't
  5. This new PC with Vista opens CCleaner UNDER other browser windows. Admittedly a minor annoyance but i've comvinced myself it didn't happen with my last PC on WinXP. Am i just overlooking a setting/switch to get it to open on top? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the clarification, Power. IMHO, Adobe's concocted a moronically convoluted procedure... force us to go on-line to make changes to our preferences, but then store the info in a file that can be erased. Occasionally I find a file is locked so it can't be deleted (as opposed to being hidden or read only). I'm guessing this is a setting in Registry, and shouldn't be that hard for Adobe to do. Unfortunately, if they're getting kickbacks from 3rd party ad servers, they'll likely get pressure to lock those, too so I'd want to know how to UNlock them. Perhaps create a bat file to expedite
  7. Specs: WinXP Home and IE7 (service packs, updates, security patches current per Belarc) Back in late Dec, I began noticing that Yahoo's login screen "knew" my alias and would only ask for my password. Big red flag since I automatically purge temp files & cookies at end of sessions. I tracked the potential security flaw to Flashplayer. Drilling down through layers of crap uncovered persistently generated files- C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\#login.yahoo.com\settings.sol - and - C:\Documents and Setting
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