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  1. Thank you again for your support. Any question that I did not answer is because not being a computer expert , I did not understand. The program I refer to is " http://www.theabsolute.net/sware/dskinv.html " I have been using FF to browse with and it appears to be working in Private Mode a lot better than I.E.
  2. Thank you for your response, I am now trying firefox. Let us say i browse in Flicka and then run all the cleaning apps, and then run disk investigator, and within it do a search on (flickr) I get a lot of hits that dont appear to be residing in any files just a title.
  3. Good Morning Each time I am finished browings with I.E. I run 1) clean disk security. 2) Recuva and secure overwrite checked. 3) Then I run ccleaner. I do all my browsing in private browsing. After all that I run disk investigator, and there are still traces of my browsing. Is there any way to really clean the hard drive? Thank you Before I asked the question I looked into previous topics and found nothing. I posted a similar question a few years ago, and still I look for answere.
  4. Dennis Thank you for your response and help, that did the job. Paul
  5. Thank you for your response Hazelnut I am running windows xp home edition, and it is after I run the ordinary part. Paul
  6. Lately after I run ccleaner and try to print a pdf file I get a message that says that to print a pdf I have to hook up a printer to my pc. When I go to control panel the printer and fax file is empty, and I have to reload my printer software. I am running windows xp home and the printer is hp photosmart 309a. If I run system restore, with a restore point of at least one day in the past every thing is back. I feel that I must have changed a setting and have looked and looked to no avail. Thank you Paul
  7. Thank you for your response My browser is internet explorer 7 I have reduced the number of write over to 7, I have also have done secure delete from Recuva in advanced mode, I have also run Clean disk Security with 7 over writes, and then have restarted my pc and they are still there, the only thing that I have not done is deep scan from recuva. Al
  8. Yes I do have trails remaining, if you download the Disk Investigator ( the url is in my initial post ) it is a very small program, and try the search option and look for a site that you frequently visit , and see if you have any trails, after running CCleaner. It would be interesting.
  9. Thank you for the response, but i did have secure file deletion checked and overwrite at 35 times????? Al
  10. Hello all After running CCleaner and then running Disk investigator (http://www.theabsolute.net/sware/dskinv.html). I do a search with Disk Investigator on a site that I frequent in this case ( flickr) there is a surf trail left behind. How do I delete that trail? Thank You realbigal
  11. The autocomplete did the trick, thank you Al
  12. I am using Internet explorer 8 Thank you for the reply Al
  13. I have been updateing and running CCleaner for years on a regular basis. Well the last few weeks I have experienced something new. Several sites I have been going too including Yahoo , when I start to enter username and password, all I have to do is click the username box, and my username and password come up and allow me to enter the site. Has any one had this happen, if so please let me know what to do to fix it. It don't make any difference if I check the remember box or not. Thank you Al
  14. Thank for your reply, and i am still using clean disc security. The recuva has run to finish, and if I do a search on something that i know , it will find it in the folder that i did the recuva in but it completely filled my hard drive which is 80 gig. But nothing is where it was before the problem????? Thanks again Al
  15. I was surfing the web for about 2 hours this morning. And as i usually do when finished I will run a disk cleaner. This morning my pc froze and stall on and i had to do a hard reset. When i started it up again every thing was gone, it looked like it did 6 years ago when it came out of the box. I am running recuva as we speak it has been running 3.5 hours trying to recover 49,000 files. When it is finished will i regain every thing and what should I do To get it back in the condition it was when this happened. I do not have system restore enabled. Thank you
  16. I just wanter to pass on something that some of you may already know. If I have been surfing the web hard, and my pc stalls , where I have to do a hard reset, or if my pc crashes, when it come up all of the temp internet files are gone ( looking in internet tools ). Then I'll run ccleaner and it gets done very quickly even at 35 rite over. Then I'll run recuva and do a deep scan, which finds them all thumbnails and everything. I then do secure delete checked item. And they appear to be really gone, any one having the same experiance , please get back to me. Thanks Al
  17. Thank for for responding Thank you Andavari for your edits. The version I have is 3.0.1 , and I did mention that I am using 35 passes , which is good compared to " Clean Disk Security" at 35 passes. Do you know if CCleaner addresses file slack space, and standard free space. Thanks again Al
  18. I have just started using Mozilla firefox instead of internet explorer, and when I clean up after 3 or 4 hours of surfing at 35 passes CCleaner only takes about 5 or 6 minutes compared to 45 to 60 minutes of cleaning internet explorer, using the same settings. Is it cleaning Mozilla completely? My email is I hope this is the right spot to ask Questions Thank you Paul
  19. I have been using the registered version of Clean Disc Security for about 5 years , and have been pleased with what it does. And if I run it complete and then run Recuva everything is gone. But the down side is that after several hours of power surfing it takes between 10 and 12 hours. Your program is much faster, and I am still experimenting with it . I am most interested in wiping clean temporary internet files. So far Recuva appears to do what you say it will. I do have a question, " does the secure delete address , standard free space, and file slack space? " I am using Vista premium and a
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