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  1. ok, I guess I just have to look around, I did look at Dell but not that closely, will do that again. Thanks. Gets me a little PO'd that they are making my mind up for me. There should be an option (somehow) to get either OS.
  2. I wondered about getting a laptop with XP Home, not Vista, can that still be done or does it have to be special ordered? Buying a seperate copy of XP Home is not an option, besides factory installed is best from what I've read. I need to get a laptop for a relative (she's older and not computer literate, Vista won't work for her) and I've not been successfull in finding places that sell laps with XP installed. I'll need to help her along with it having XP which is not a problem, but Vista might present too many. Don't know too much about it and I've read too many negative things about it. Anyo
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