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  1. Thanks for the feedback Andavari.
  2. Before hitting the 'Fix selected issues...' button I thought I'd just ask, how safe is it? Maybe it's a daft question but I'd just like to know the 'risk' before cleaning the registry. Are there any issues which could cause problems if 'fixed'? I guess I can make a reg backup and go for it but I would be interested in the views and experiences of others first. Thanks in advance. Rooster
  3. Yep! Many thanks. Rooster
  4. One of the answers in the FAQ says, "At the moment CCleaner supports cleaning the current user's account only. This may change in a future release." My XP Home system has four user accounts (all Administrators). Whichever logged on account I run CCleaner from, the list of entries from an 'Issues Scan' list (and appear to clean) registry items for all users. Certainly the items found point to files/entries under different user profiles. Is the FAQ out of date or am I misinterpreting things? Rooster
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