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  1. Ouch ! I'm not alone so ? but what can we do then ?
  2. Thank you very mush ! So I will wait and see ...
  3. I'm french, I tested it several times but don't understand what is saying !
  4. Unfortunately I can not contact Piriform this way because I'm blind and there is a captcha I can't solve ... Have another idea ?
  5. Hello, I would be very interested in purchasing some Piriform product but rather than purchasing them one by one I would like to know if there is a bundle gathering all of them I could buy at a discount price ?
  6. Yes, sorry for not having answered before, I well received your message... No, I have no sent my information yet... The workaround I found for the moment, because in fact those file are locked and can not be unlocked even with unlocker, is to reboot my machine one time per day...
  7. No problem ... MSN preferably ... as it will be instantaneous !
  8. Perhas not the same but a similar one as the problem just reoccurred today ... And the strange thing there is that the problem reappeared with the same files !
  9. Yes I read it.... But I will stay with this version as this appear ramdomly.. and do not seem to be so critical after all. And apparently there are no unicode characters in paths CCleaner could not delete, so I don't kno if it is the same problem ... You are right when you say that CCleaner is a very good program. Their program are so good I installed all three of them and I have made a donation to support their development too !!! P.S. I leave in Dijon, c?te d'or...
  10. Thankx !!! Sympa de voir des fran?ais sur un site anglophone ...
  11. Thank but this box is unchecked. I retried several time and in fact all files were deleted, so I really don't know what happened ...
  12. Hi all, Till I began to use CCleaner, each time I try to delete traces, nothing was left behind, but today, some files don't want to be cleaned ... Here is the report I obtain after having clicked on the Analyze button : ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0.346 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 25,50KB to be removed. (Approximate size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet) ----------------------------
  13. Thank you ! And sorry for having asked this question, I should have browsed the forum deeper first before writing this down... And just before I read your response, I just found a very interesting and detailed article on CCleaner on a french site which explains among other things, the process of adding a new app in CCleaner ...
  14. Hi all, In the clean/applications tab, I see no option to clean MS office file history, is it currently possible to achieve this ? And is it possible for the end user to customize the application list or should we have to wait for upcoming releases to see more apps added there ?
  15. Hi all, I heard others talking about CCleaner since a long time now but have never tried it till today. I just have to say that's I have been very impressed by its powerfullness and ligtness (so much power in a so small package !). And I also tried the new defraggler tool : tremendously efficient ! I will probably also test the recuva tool and I will undoubtebly be as surprised as I were for the two other software ! Piriform folks, what a good work, keep on going !
  16. Hi all, It's my first suggestion on this forum as I just subscribed to it ! It would be nice, in the tools/Startup tab to enable/disable items (as in the msconfig startup tab) in order to launch/prevent from being launched items at will.
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