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  1. I am running CCleaner version 2.31.1153 on Windows XP Pro SP2. I have spent the day trying to download Version 2.32.1165 from both Piriform and File Hippo. I get a box saying ccsetup232.exe, click on Save File (the other option is Cancel) and everything disappears. I get a notice that all files have finished downloading but the Downloads box is blank and there is no Installer on the desktop. There is nothing which allows me to right-click and install as Administrator. I have turned off all programs which might interfere. I have Used System Restore to take me back 3 months but it still won't download and install. I can't update WinPatrol either. (It's turned off now.) The same thing happens. Please help!
  2. Whoa! I ran it again and it works!!!!! Thank you, Rridgely!!!!!
  3. Thank you, Rridgely. I went to the Windows security center and put it on the lowest setting but I still cannot get a download of CCleaner to work on XP. I have downloaded--and removed before downloading the next copy--from Download.com, Majorgeeks.com and Filehippo.com. Do you have any further thoughts?
  4. CCleaner works perfectly on Windows Me but the download won't run on XP Professional. I suspect there's a firewall somewhere I can't find. Both computers use Netscape ISP and Firefox. The XP computer has Yahoo and MSN messengers. I have disabled my pop-up blocker and SpyBot. I removed the Yahoo Toolbar. I'm running McAfee Virus Scan but not the firewall. Advice, please.
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