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  1. So over the last few days I've run into a troublesome problem with my desktop, and was hoping I could your opinions as to what the problem may be. I had the computer on and everything was working fine, until I came back in the room and the monitor appeared to be in sleep mode (thinking this was normal). Now I can't get a picture to come back on the monitor at all. I never even see a BIOS screen, the monitor displays absolutely nothing. Here is what I have done to test, along with the results: - Rebooted multiple times ---> monitor still appears to not connect with PC - Tried booting into live OS from CD ---> monitor still appears to not connect with PC - Booted and had speakers up to listen for sound of Windows starting ---> heard no sounds and still no display - Connected monitor to VGA out port on my laptop ---> monitor worked fine I've come to the point that I verified that the monitor is fully functional, so that can't be the problem. What worries me now is something internal is wrong with the desktop. Could it be a graphics card problem? Or something else since I don't even hear the Windows startup sounds when booting?
  2. I'm about to order an HP DV6000t laptop, and I need to decide which processor would be ideal. I won't be using this for heavy gaming or video-editing...mostly everyday surfing, student work, and managing my music collection. Here are the choices HP gives me: 1) Intel? Celeron? M Processor 520 (1.6 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB) Included in Price 2) Intel? Pentium? dual core processor T2130 (1.86 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB) +$75 3) Intel? Core? Duo processor T2450 (2.0 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB) +$100 4) Intel? Core? 2 Duo processor T5300 (1.73 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB) +$170 Also, the system ships with Vista Premium, but I have a new copy of XP Pro that I might use instead. I'm thinking by using XP it'll cut down on resource usage as well put less strain on the 1GB of RAM I'll have on this laptop. As well as your opinions on which processor suits my needs best, do people think it would be a better performing system to wipe the HD and use XP instead? Thanks!
  3. I have fallen victim to a crucial MS Word document that I created becoming corrupted. It looks like the wingdings font when I attempt to open it. Does anyone know of a good free tool for recovering corrupted documents? Thank you.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good tool or how-to for researching process/services in use on XP? My computer is much slower than it used to be for some reason. This is even after a recent reformat, multiple defrags, and system spyware scans....as well as moving all of my files to a 2nd HD to free up space on the OS HD (which is now 80% free). Help! Thanks!
  5. I know some of you will to say use the search function but none of my search terms brought up what I was looking for. What I am looking for, though, is a free site that can host a large amount of data where I can upload and download data from. Basically my family has a large amount of pictures and small video clips that we want to share with each other and would just like a repository where all of us can upload and download them from. I know there must be some good free sites out there that allow large amounts of data transfer. Thank you very much for your help!
  6. sweet thanks for your help everyone!
  7. Right now I have one 80GB HD with XP, Vista RC1, and Ubuntu installed. I want to keep this HD specifically for OS usage. I am about to add a large capacity HD to my desktop for all files (music, pictures, work). In looking at XP, I know "My Documents" (My Music, My Pictures, etc.) are all pointing to the HD on which the OS is installed. Can someone tell me how to set things up so when, for instance, I click on Start -> My Documents.....My Documents is actually logically assigned to my 2nd HD? I want it so I can have all the sub-categories of My Documents be directly placed on the 2nd (non-OS) HD. Thanks for your help!
  8. I have some old audio cassette tapes that I want to record digitally. Can anyone please point me to any hardware and software that I would need for this? Freeware suggestions are always welcome
  9. docta13

    Arovax Shield

    I am currently running both Windows Defender and Arovax Shield......should I really only be running ONE of these? I know a lot of people on here are big advocates of Arovax products, but is Windows Defender still a good program?
  10. here ya go man......I found this program a little while ago and it seems to work very well http://www.ipod-video-converter.org/
  11. anybody know of any places to find affordable used flat-screens?
  12. Can anyone point me to where I can download the Microsoft XP Wireless Client (like the one that comes default with all new laptops)? I am tired of the wireless adapter driver that I am currently using for connecting my desktop wirelessly, and I'd like to try the MS client if I could find it. Do I have to download it? Or is it already on my system and I just need to enable it? Thanks! p.s. - I have XP Home
  13. i'm looking for some kind of small graphical program that you can place on your laptop's desktop so it can give you a temperature reading of what your system is running at. anybody seen something like this? Thanks!
  14. My brother just lost a 20 page Word document that he needs for Monday. He says he saved it, but then the computer was shut off by a power failure. Now he goes to Recent Documents and sees it, but when he clicks on it, he gets an error saying it can't be read. I'm assuming the file is corrupted, so I'll need some kind of simple recovery software. Can anyone point me to a free version of a Word recovery program that would be simple to use? Thanks for your help!
  15. will any XP Home CD work to reformat another XP Home computer? Say if I have a Gateway XP Home CD.....will that work to reformat an HP XP Home computer as long as I have that other computer's product key? And if it doesn't work initally through internet registration, can't I get an override code by calling Microsoft registration? Thanks!
  16. I am looking into buying this HP laptop: HP DV1000 Here's the upgrades I plan on getting so far when ordering a customized version of it: - 512 MB RAM (512 x 1....so I can upgrade to a gig later by doing it myself) - XP Pro Now I also want to get Centrino Mobile Technology on this computer by getting an Intel M Processor and the Intel PRO/Wireless Network Connection. But my biggest question is what processor to get? I can choose from the following: - Intel® Pentium® M Processor 725A (1.60 GHz) - Intel® Pentium® M Processor 740 (1.73 GHz) - Intel® Pentium® M Processor 750 (1.86 GHz) - Intel® Pentium® M Processor 760 (2.0 GHz) - Intel® Pentium® M Processor 770 (2.13 GHz) Which speed do you think I should get? I was probably thinking either the 740 or 750? Would this be sufficient? Also, what do you guys know/think about the WXGA BrightView screen? It is that glossy kind of screen, but is supposed to have better colors and good for any future use I would have in watching HD movies on it. I know to answer these questions it has to do a lot with what I will be using this computer for....but I just want everyone's general opinions on these couple issues. Thanks!
  17. I'm looking to get a new notebook PC of decent power and ability (looking to spend under $1000). Can anybody give me any good suggestions or places to look for the best opportunities and deals? I've tried places like slickdeals.net, ableshopper.com, and pricewatch.com....but still no real luck. Thanks for your help!
  18. What I really want to do is play around enough with Linux to the point where I feel slightly comfortable with it. I just want to do this so I can say I have experience using it coming out of college. And I've always been really interested in it But anyway, which version do you think I should go with? There are too many for me to narrow down. And I'm guessing for my situation it would be best to go with one of those live CD's that you can run the whole OS off of the CD/DVD itself. I've looked into Knoppix, but still don't really have a clue. Can you guys give me some suggestions and also where to download these?
  19. ooooo man that would be a sweet site to try and come up with
  20. I hate buying those $25-$30 black ink catridges for printers and I have always shunned away from buying those refill kits that you just refill an empty catridge with. Now I am considering buying them b/c they are just so much cheaper. Have any of you had experience in using these things, and are they worth the trouble for the cheaper cost? Thanks!
  21. I mean yea I checked that and saw programs like Filezilla and Shareaza, but I have no backup info as to what the pros and cons of these programs really are from users here.
  22. What free programs do you all use to dowload music and such with? I've been using Morpheus, but I'm looking to try something else. List what program you use andy any pros and cons to using it. Thanks!
  23. what kind of problems can we be expecting with ZoneAlarm? I read about this one....but I personally haven't run into problems or ready about any other type of specific problems with ZoneAlarm. Should I really be that concerned or just go with it and see how it turns out?
  24. seriously? because from what I've read XP, firewall isn't sufficient. The risk of outbound threats is serious enough to warrant a 3rd party firewall. I've been testing the newest ZoneAlarm free for the last few days and so far I am impressed with it. Hopefully I just won't run into some of the bugs that some people encounter with this program (and other programs, for that matter)
  25. Ok, I have been researching like a madman lately trying to figure out the best free firewall to use. I like the XP SP2 firewall for simplicity and its low resource consumption, but I just don't feel safe since it doesn't block outgoing threats. This is the reason I started my quest to find a good (free) 3rd-party firewall. Recently I started testing out ZoneAlarm's free program, which I heard was pretty good. Since using it, it obviously takes up more system resources causing a slight system slowdown, but I can deal with it. It also takes a lot of upfront configuration when you open up internet connection-oriented programs that ask you to allow or deny those programs. After setting all of your normal programs to "Allow", you don't notice ZoneAlarm much after that. So it seems pretty decent at this point. Now, I know that there are other free firewalls from companies like Kerio, Sygate, and Outpost, and I have yet to try these. Basically I just to hear everyone's input as far as which firewall they trust and for what reasons. Ease of configuration and stealthiness of the program is also a plus of course. Of course sticking with the XP firewall is also an option if you think that works. Now let's hear those opinions!
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