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  1. I agree that spywareblaster should be installed on every computer. I also like Adaware and Spybot S&D, but I think AVG 7.5 (ewido) has the edge over both of them. It finds things that most other apps. do not.

    I am not so found of SpywareBlaster. You see, the idea of blacklisting every single malware website and put that huge list into my registry doesn't really appeal to me.

  2. Seems like a nice add-on. Especially the "block ads and flash" thing.


    But I am happy with my Firefox, I don't think it ever has crashed for me.

    Currently I use the Adblock and NoScript extensions, but before that I used only the Adblock, and before that I used none.

  3. I wouldn't. It looks dangerous, and I have no balls. I am scared of everything like that. :D


    She was kinda close to the ground, and those things was elastic, so those things could have easily launched her to the ground real hard.

  4. i recently lost it :(. i got tired of it since i found a better one that works for me. however, i do remember giving it to someone so if i can get in touch with him, then i could get him to send me the config :)

    You shouldn't loose stuff you've put time down to make, should keep backup of stuff like that.

  5. I've used it some, it seems to be decent. It's alright.

    But why buy it, the trial version doesn't really expire. Maybe the active protection does, but that just slows down the system and eats resources anyways, better disable the active protection, and then do manual scanning which afaik, will still be possible even after it expire if it does that.


    I have used it and could considering using it again, but I would never to pay for it.

  6. Yes, wouldn't that be nice... :rolleyes: However, most applications' uninstallers do leave an astonishing amount of garbage behind. Only solution: an install monitor to take snapshots before and after, like Ashampoo Uninstaller, Total Uninstall, and so on... we've discussed this before somewhere...

    Yeah, but it would be cool of download sites such as download.com, Tucows, Softpedia, etc had some kind of test where they checked and gave software that don't uninstall fully and properly a lower score/rank or put a warning/notation on its page about it.

    Most of the software on those download sites are just junk, a huge deal of them are crippleware and trials/demos.

  7. i also got my foobie looking like WMP11. it's not that great since i stripped a lot of code from the original layout(it used to be 308 lines and now it's 55) but i like it. i should add bitrate and stuff like that though...


    Wanna share your foobar2000 config/skin/theme/layout/whatever?

  8. I've been playing with ubuntu on it. :D

    Its better than my last encounter with linux but not perfect. It doesn't want to bad but not everything is working just right.(yet)

    Then be sure to try out the latest versions whenever that be. Ubuntu I think is released every 6 months.

    It has a great community, (wiki, chat, forums, documentation, how-to, support requests, guides, mailing-lists, faq), etc that you can get help from if there is something that doesn't work just right, or if you wonder something. Maybe there is other people with same issues as you.


    Guess WPA works.


    (Plus I had to reformat to get that dumb grub boot loader thing off my system. <_< )

    Boot loaders are stored in either the boot sector or in the MBR (Master Boot Record).

    All you had todo was to run either "fixmbr", or "fixboot" in the Windows recovery console.

  9. Rebranded firewall doesn't sound good in my ears.


    Also, it has an ugly skinned interface, doesn't seem very cool. Seems like a noob firewall.


    The website refers it to as a "New, free software utility for PC users to protect your computer from intruders and malicious network traffic.", free software? Nope, don't think so. The correct term would be "freeware" in this case.

  10. I think that maybe there will be less worms in the future.

    All major operating systems now come with firewalls, since XP2 even Windows XP has a built-in firewall, though a lot of people don't have SP2 since either, they don't know or care to upgrade, or they cant due to illegal copy of Windows XP.

    But with Windows Vista, everybody will have a firewall, since it will ship with it by default, and probably enabled.

    Also, I think that in Vista, less people will run as administrator.


    So I think it will probably be less worms that spread like Code Red and Nimda.


    Also with more people having new computers with CPU that support NX-bit / XD-bit, more people will have enabled what is in Windows called "Data Execution Prevention", which will make software less prone to exploits.


    So I think there will be worms that spread via e-mail as attachments, and more spyware, and more e-mail spam, and IM spam.


    With more people getting Internet in India and Africa, there will be more Nigeria letters, about the son of an dead government official who needs your help to transfer a zillion million dollar and in exchange he will split the money with you and you will get 40% of it. :D

  11. Yeah, I've read about this on Slashdot.


    Its so silly with such insane long sentences. If someone get caught at 20, hes dead before he will be released anyways.

    If he get caught a earlier or later, well hes dead anyways.


    Why sentence a 45 year old man to 101 years, he wont ever be 146 years old anyways.


    Murders, rapists, pedophiles, etc get away much easier.


    I don't like these phishers and spammers more than anyone else, but 101 years, thats a bit over-the-top. I think he should be sentenced to pick cotton or tie knots and make carpets.

  12. Today I backed up everything to DVD, as I was planning a destructive recovery to clean out all the crap from the dozens of applications I`ve tried and discarded over the last 6 months.

    Good idea to make backup. Backup is always good to have. :)


    I liked the other ideas I`ve read in this thread. Partition for music, or in my case, downloaded art.

    Yes, you can have like D: (Music) and E: (Downloads) or you could have D:\Music\ and D:\Downloads\

  13. It depends on which software is used to download it.


    Some software, when a download is interrupted the file is removed, and if you try to download it again, it starts again.


    While download managers and most FTP clients, can start to download files, and the pause the download, or if the download gets interrupted, they can resume downloading the file from where it was.


    In this case of Comodo, it depends on how the software is coded.

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