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  1. I've used another cleaning program in the past called "Clean Space" and it had a neat feature called the "Tray Agent'. It was a tray icon that loaded with windows that had a number of interesting settings: Double-Click icon to: -- Open main program, or -- Perform cleaning I think double-clicking the tray icon rather than right-clicking and choosing clean is far more convenient. ----- Launch cleaning when last browser window closed -- This feature detects IE/Firefox processes and initiates a cleaning after all browser processes have been closed. ----- Launch cleaning
  2. I too experience this bug and am able to reproduce it 100% of the time with every Firefox version (0.9 through 1.0.4): 1) Visit CNN.com 2) Have CCleaner clear Firefox cache 3) Reload page You'll notice the CSS stylings have been lost and page reloads won't restore them. Only closing out the browser will reset things to normal. I've also experienced entire websites no longer loading after performing a clean with CCleaner while Firefox is open. The advise of closing the browser before cleaning, while valid, is inconvenient. admin, you may want to look in to the X 0.6.3 cache cl
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