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  1. I just HAD to login to a terribly old account just to comment on this. Hilarious outcome: the new version I just installed (5.18) activates the monitor BY DEFAULT without asking. Bye ccleaner, it's been a fun decade.
  2. I have the exact same issue as well - it started this week actually. I'm running 1010 on Windows 7 x64 I remember this happened on a work computer a year ago, running XP SP2 and an early version of 2.1-ish ... if I remove them from startup, ccleaner will not start anymore (as if it were uninstalled...)
  3. yeah I've been forced to start using Vista Manager for now CCleaner is my all-time favorite software (and I mean it). I've installed it on all the computers at work and all my friend's computers (total computers = 1500+) I just wish it wasn't so buggy right now !
  4. Here's what I see... 178 file extensions found "useless" and CCleaner wants me to remove them:
  5. so... no explanation as to why CCleaner's registry cleaner is STILL finding all my file extensions as "un-used" and wants me to remove them?
  6. Hey guys very recently (probably since last tuesday's Vista x64 patch blitz), CCleaner's reg cleaner is finding ALL file extensions as "unused" I made the mistake of cleaning them and all my file associations were lost... and I mean ALL of them. This been happening with others? CCleaner has gone from most useful program to the program i hate the most in vista..
  7. I guess this issue is on "ignore" ?
  8. "better program"... BLASPHEMY ! CCleaner is the best ! It just might have 1 bug for vista. I've never had any problem before so it must be a vista-only issue... I've also started installing CCleaner on all company computers... 1300 computers... cleeeeeeeean
  9. Hey guys first things first, I have been using CCleaner for maybe 2 years now... I use it ADDICTIVELY. Like 5-10 times a day. I'm obsessed. Clean Clean Clean. CLEAN. Everytime i visit an "awkward" website, I check CCleaner to see if something new is in my startup... seriously. Anyways on to my question I've recently installed Vista x64 (new computer too) and it seems that CCleaner scans the registry but doesn't clean some items In total, it's 111 items right now, but it grows everytime i install and uninstall something (lately, winamp) Some examples are: Unused File Extension : .DVR Unused File Extension : DDECache the next 109 entries all start with "InProcServer32" ... all from Winamp (uninstalled), Stardock (currently in use) and Logitech webcam stuff (uninstalled... thanks Logitech for not supporting vista x64 on 99.9% of your webcams!) Is this a known issue or should I do something about it? Thanks
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