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  1. XP "New Hardware Found" dialog says that the device..... This seems to be a "new feature" of WinXP since approx March issued updates. [when I first noticed it] I have noticed it on 3 or 4 computers, both XP-home and XP-pro, both new boxes and 12 month old machines. So far no reason found for this "new feature" of XP. Have also noticed that previous hidden services are now showing/asking for permission to access web/lan connection via firewall [ZA-free] as well. Maybe MS is tighting things up a bit [about time], rootkits, hidden process/services are all the rage this year as far as malware goes. Will try the deleting question marked hardware trick, thanks for the tip. Mega ** PS; haven't started using CCleaner yet, so it isn't CCleaner causing this problem. It's not happening on my Linux boxes either :-)
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