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  1. That was the reason my custom folders disappeared! I use both CCleaner and EasyCleaner, so it often happens that to me! Thanks for the info, jobartley515!
  2. I understand... Well, we hope they'll fix the problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your answers!
  3. You're right, DjLizard: i didn't know that. Do you think it's a bug or simply a CCleaner's feature?
  4. I'm using version 1.19.108. In this version all found issues are pre-selected, but if i right-click on an issue and i select "deselect all" all issues are deselected except the one i've right-clicked on. Have you experienced the same problem, LEEnoble?
  5. Hi to all! I'm new in this forum but i'm using CCleaner since a long time. The bug occurs when i click on "issues", then "scan for issues": a list of found issues appears. When i right-click on a issue and i select "select all" all issues are selected except the one i've right-clicked on. The same thing occurs if i select "deselect all": all issues are de-selected except the one i've right-clicked on. I've also a little suggestion for future releases: i think it would be useful to add an option to delete all files with a particular extension. For example i would like to delete from my pc all files with the LOG extension. What do you think about that? Thanks again for your work!
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