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  1. Thanks everyone. I always do the backup first and I just checked them again. For some reason, some are listed as "files" and some are listed as "registration entries" Double left-clicking the file only gave me the option to "open with" and see what was there. Right clicking the registration entries does offer the merge option, but yesterdays backup only appeared as a file for some reason. In any event, I did a system restore last night and everything's back to normal.
  2. I ran CCleaner today and did the backup before cleaning the registry. A program that I have will not run now, and I think this may be the reason. I'm new to this and I read through some of the posts that say to right click and then to click "merge" But there is no "merge" option listed. Would this be because it was done today? Maybe the cleaning didn't even stop the program from running in the first place? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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