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  1. You hit upon it....I had recently updated CCleaner, during the update the Firefox "Show detailed log" became "unchecked" (probably by me, inadvertently) It's checked now and all is well. Thanks for your timely response.....
  2. I'm running FireFox and Windows 98SE. I've been using CCleaner for a long time with no problem, until recently. Normally when I hit "Analyze", the list of items "To Be Deleted" would include the long list of "Internet Cache" items that had accumulated since my last run of CCleaner. A couple of days ago the Cache items were no longer listed, it only showed the Cookies, etc. that were to be deleted. I rechecked my choices of CCleaner options and they were correct. I then looked at the FireFox Cache and it contained several hundred items. I hit the "Run Cleaner" to see if they would be deleted i
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