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  1. Thanks JDPower - I have done that, too, in the past - but it always reverts. I do know there is an unresolved 'bug' (?) in Firefox which does not affect all users, and may depend on the other programs they are using. This causes followed links from some email programs to report that they cannot find the target of the link, when, in fact, Firefox does open up and find the target. Any work-arounds (like those given here) suggested in Firefox Help & Support, only work, generally, until the next Firefox update, when things revert. However, I know of know no other program, apart from CCleaner, which does what CCleaner does - that is, actually open the non-default browser, too. I can live with this - it's really not at all important. But I do wonder how it actually happens, and whether - just as some web pages are sloppily coded (according to agreed, and now official, principles for coding web pages) but IE6 and IE7 will still open them 'normally', because the errors are ignored by those browsers, and a program like Firefox will not open them properly, because it does not allow such errors (which, doubtless, is one of the reasons it is a bit safer as a browser), so there might be a similar principle involved in the way web-links are written? Is the CCleaner link to its Update page 'correctly' coded? Just an idle thought. Which is why I put it in this particular forum.
  2. Nope - does open Firefox (as it always did) but insists on opening IE7 as well. Could it be that the link actually specifies the browser? Why the hell would it do that??
  3. Ha! Well - tried it - but doesn't work (nor does it solve related FFx bug - where, using, say, Mailwasher Pro, Windows reports cannot find link - but then does open up Firefox anyway!). Thanks for the effort.
  4. Mmm - interesting. Thanks for the reply. CCleaner does actually open Firefox, which is set as default browser - it is just that it insists on opening IE7 as well, or first. But, assuming this is the cure (and possibly to a few other, FFx-related, bugs elsewhere) - does that have to be re-done every time Firefox is updated via nightly updates? In other words - does it 'stick'?
  5. Whyohwhy - does the check-for-updates always open Internet Explorer instead of (or, rather, as well, as) my default browser - which happens to be Firefox? Apologies if this has been asked before - but I couldn't find it in the 3 pages of suggestions. However, it's really irritating. (Especially as I get (well, over here in the UK, at least) with IE on your updates page a really nasty banner ad for an otherwise quite good program called PC Booster. It's nasty because it is designed to make total innocents think there is a Windows or other 'update' available for download. I thought that kind of trickery was only used by scoundrels. You should also note that the Finjan addon for Firefox comments that the Piniform site, in Google search, has content which can damage your computer: I presume this results from the nasty ad, rather than CCleaner itself.)
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