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  1. Hi pwillener and thanks for the info I made some tests on my pcs and I found that WindowsUpdate is still able to recognize hotfixes already installed on the system even if I deleted $hf_mig$ folder. So I think that the check is elsewhere. I also red the kb you linked and, if I undestand it correctly, it just says that $hf_mig$ folder is used by the system to store a backup of some dlls in case another hotfix overwrite them with older versions (very rare case I think) here is a quote from it:
  2. Thanks for the info JDPower... I know this behaviour can cause issues for some users and this is the reason why I suggested to have it as an advanced option (not enabled by default) btw: what kind of problems did they cause? I mean, if you remove ie7 uninstaller, the only problem I can guess you have is to not be able to return back to ie6 but this is not a real issue since most of users prefer to always have latest version of programs
  3. Hello, I really like the CCleaner feature that deletes hotfix uninstallers, they are useless and waste hdd spaces. I noticed that CCleaner doesn't delete all the folders used by hotfixes and more in general windows updates. I think that it's safe to delete also uninstallers of wmp, ie, net framework and all folders starting with "$" like $hf_mig$ because they come with "WindowsUpdate" and they can be considered like hotfixes. I think this behaviour can be applied on all updates / programs installed by WindowsUpdate website. I always deleted them manually for years with no problems at all. I can understand that not all users want to get rid the ability to return to ie6 or wmp10 (even if I don't see any good reason for that) so maybe it can be added as an option in the advanced section. Thanks for the help
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