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  1. DennisD: Nothing like that. All I get after selecting a number of files to delete is a little square box saying 0 files deleted in a number of seconds. dhac
  2. DennisD: been unable to delete anything. When I tried, just said item was deleted in a blank number of seconds, however still there. No big deal I guess. Just some things I would rather not be there or be recoverable. dhac
  3. Thanks all for the inputs regarding my problem. Think I will wait until recuva has a solution before experimenting any further.
  4. Still unable to delete selected files or overwrite selected files. Following info published in "Securley deleting your files. I asked about this in the past, but no work around or solution discovered yet. Only can conclude it doesn't do what it say it will do. If I'm overlooking some I like to know what. Recuva does a good job finding files but doesn't help me delete/overwrite them..
  5. I too share same problem. Followed to the letter in docs for secure file deletion. Tried the Ccleaner MFT wipe. Still no help. Had this problem quite awhile now. Doesn't anyone know the solution????? dhac
  6. ADDENDUM Joeboy: Thanks. I did what you suggested and apparently that did the trick. Ran recuva again and all seems to be clean now.
  7. Thanks for info. What does "wipe free space" do?
  8. Thanks. This is the results on all files I've tried to delete. It just says 0 files deleted, x number of seconds..
  9. Augreas: These are pictures so I thaink they are more than 1k. I don't know what resides in the MFT is. I'm not to smart on this thing. But after I try to delete, pictures still there. Appreciate any help you might be able to provide. Thanks. dshac
  10. Unable to delete any files. when I try, the following message pops up: (operation completed; overwritten 0 files in o.6 sec.) File stays where it is. It apparently does not remove any thing. I've read the documents, to no avail. Is there perhaps something missing?
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