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  1. Login123 - I've installed CCleaner four or five times!! Andavari - I've checked the box as shown in your post - it still shows the screen 'delete'!!! I have tried different versions - with the same results!!!
  2. Andaravi - I should get the message as shown in your post - but I don't!!
  3. I didn't see your picture, Andaravi, - I got the dreaded red x! However, when I click on 'fix selected issues' I don't see an option to backup - I only see deleted!
  4. Yes, Glenn, I went to options/advanced and checked 'backup'. No. when I click on fix selected issues I get 'these files will be deleted, do you wish to continue?' I even tried again - the latest version - with the same results!
  5. I went to the advanced section and checked 'backup' but the dialogue box says 'it will be deleted, are you sure you want to continue'. On the advice of another forum I downloaded a previous version - the same thing happened! A techie reinstalled windows for me - I downloaded CCleaner and that's when it happened. I really liked CCleaner - I particularly liked the way you can list cookies not to be deleted - it's a pain to have to log in everywhere again. Please help - thank you!
  6. I downloaded the latest build and then downloaded previous versions - no matter which version I use it says 'delete, do you wish to continue'. I have checked 'backup' on the appropriate page. I feel confident when there is a backup!!! Thank you!
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