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  1. Can't seem to pull the trigger on Power Archiver because , well , it costs $20.00. I'm a tight wad when it comes to money . This would be my second choice though.....
  2. "Registry Compactor" Ace Utilities. Here is the website:Acelogix. Look under Download. quote=englishmen,Apr 2 2005, 09:35 AM] Does anyone know of any "FREE" software that will defragment the registry, cheers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  3. Satiera DropToCD is an excellent choice and does not take many resources.Satiera
  4. Norton => Bloated and does adequate job. Also have to get the uninstall download from their website to uninstall.
  5. Just wanted to add my nickels worth about CCleaner. Top-Shelf Material in the cleaning dept.Fast , Easy and completes the clean with no problems.
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