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  1. Hi All, I have still the same problem with CCleaner, not all FireFox cookies are selectable in the Cookies to Delete/Cookies to Keep Box. The sourceforge.net Cookie with the Preferred Mirror setting is not shown. I am using CCleaner 2.04.532 and FireFox Does anyone else have the same problem? Regards, Billy
  2. Hi, I would like to keep the sourceforge.net cookie because it contains the preferred mirror setting. But CCleaner does not show this and other cookies while they are shown in the Firefox cookies list. Could this be a bug? I am using CCleaner 2.00.500 and FireFox Regards, Billy
  3. The Windows Event Log can be cleared! ntsecurity.nu has a utility which will clear the Windows Event Logs! ClearLogs I would love to see this functionality in CCleaner! Thanks in advance, Billy
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