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  1. I have just downloaded v1.13.276. On opening the application, it starts to open and crashes when searching and populating data. This also happened with v1.12.265. I have reverted to v1.11 and it works fine without any problems. PC is running 32-bit Windows 7 SP1.
  2. I recently updated Speccy to the latest version. Installation appeared successful, but as the application opens and Speccy starts to populate the parameters, the applications crashes. This is on a notebook running 32 bit Windows 7. I also updated Speccy on my desktop which is running 64 bit Windows 7 and the application runs fine. I tries uninstalling and reinstalling on the notebook, but Speccy still crashes. I reverted back to the previous version and all is well again. Any thoughts?
  3. I have also been suffering the problem in previous versions of Recuva, where when scanning my C Drive, the scan would complete after a second or so and no files were found. ( I have a laptop with similar config to my desktop and Recuva has worked superbly since early versions). On trying the latest version (1.04), I find some improvement in that some files are found, but Recuva crashes before completion of the scan. As I pointed in the title of this post - an improvement.... but...not quite there. Recuva will be a brilliant piece of software when this solved. Keep up the good work
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