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  1. Hi! Got fed up with software finding trojans and saying they can't remove them. Also got fed up with having a PC that got slower and slower. Eventualy found eScan Antivirus for Windows free download. Now no viruses or trojans and still a fast PC (1 desktop AMD and 1 laptop P4). http://www.mwti.net After 30 day trial, I paid about ?13 for a year licence. Now I don't use a firewall - slows PC's too much. Hope it helps, Bloke
  2. Hi! Just installed this free software from Microsoft on both my computers. Each had spyware, one had 24 - dispite using removal software. http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/s...re/default.mspx Bloke
  3. Hi! I have used this ISP for several years; no problems. http://www.supanames.co.uk/ Bloke
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