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  1. hey, im a first time user of Defraggler, but not new to your other products

    anyways, I try to set a scheduled defrag & it will not let me


    "Problem - Defraggler was unable to change the options"


    I dunno why this is, im an advanced windows user

    Yes, I noticed the message when trying to use the scheduler. I made a comment earlier about it under the comment thread, but no one has yet to respond.

  2. Thanks for new features, especially the scheduler: that will be useful to many

    [but I've yet to get it to work at all under Vista...]


    There is just one [simple?] change that I would like to see made, and that is

    with respect to the "Defrag progress window that is displayed when defragging

    files (as opposed to whole drives or folders). The problem with this window is

    that it "locks" the GUI, such that the only thing that one can do with Defraggler

    when this window is shown is to Pause or Stop the defrag. This can be frustrating

    because one cannot minimise the main Defraggler window until the defragging

    is over...


    Previous versions (up until ~3 versions ago) used a simple borderless white

    window for showing progress, and this did not "block" the GUI. Could we

    return to that [please]?


    In the mean time, for anyone else who finds this blocking progress window a

    problem, a near workaround is to use the Action/Defrag Folder dialogue and

    select the appropriate drive. This is typically a bit slower than just defragging

    the files, but much quicker than a full drive defrag [i.e. including the freespace],

    and one can easily minimise the Defraggler window whilst it is working, so that

    you can use the PC for other stuff at the same time [and gain access to any desktop

    icons that might otherwise be covered by the Defraggler main window.


    Has anyone managed to get the Scheduler function to work under Vista ? :mellow:





    Ah, yes: the scheduling does work...it runs "df.exe" (the command-line version of Defraggler)

    under the scheduling service, so this is invisible (runs in the background).

    Can see that it is working from Task Manager (or better: Process Explorer),

    [Process Explorer available here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb896653.aspx]


    First off, thank you for such a wonderful lightweight program like Defraggler. When I updated to the new 1.03.093 version I was eagerly anticipating the scheduler option. Unfortunately, I receive an error every time I set up a schedule. I message displayed is "Defraggler was unable to save your savings."

    Thanks in advance.

  3. This is a problem that has plagued every release of CCleaner, and has yet to be resolved. You are given the option under Advanced to have certain files/folders deleted when you do a basic cleanup. I add the folder %systemroot%\Prefetch or C:\Windows\Prefetch and it never empties the folder. Plus, I have selected other various files to delete and they are never removed per my request. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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