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  1. Yes, I noticed the message when trying to use the scheduler. I made a comment earlier about it under the comment thread, but no one has yet to respond.
  2. First off, thank you for such a wonderful lightweight program like Defraggler. When I updated to the new 1.03.093 version I was eagerly anticipating the scheduler option. Unfortunately, I receive an error every time I set up a schedule. I message displayed is "Defraggler was unable to save your savings." Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks, JDPower. It worked exactly as you stated. I appreciate it.
  4. This is a problem that has plagued every release of CCleaner, and has yet to be resolved. You are given the option under Advanced to have certain files/folders deleted when you do a basic cleanup. I add the folder %systemroot%\Prefetch or C:\Windows\Prefetch and it never empties the folder. Plus, I have selected other various files to delete and they are never removed per my request. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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