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  1. that's cool to read and calms one down but i really hope that you will shed more light into this "big" problem as CCleaner is torrific as time goes. splendid soft Safe Sophos + CCleaner '=' true
  2. Sorry mate! i'm sorry for my mistake.
  3. I have the feeling that this beautiful piece of software is going shareware
  4. CCleaner.EXE is recognised (by the most efficient scanner of them all ) as a malware. How come??? I'm using this pearl since long time now and i really wanna know whats going on! from http://www.sophos.com/virusinfo/analyses/malvbk.html ************************************************* Mal/VB-K is a family of programs with characteristics typcial of malware. Members of Mal/VB-K typcially attempt to download and execute code from remote websites. ************************************************* i thought i should be able to get the right info from you guys before taking action. or should i ask Yahoo! Respect for a fast reply Safe
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