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  1. String ID: 108 Issue: "Modo de" Correct: "Modo de exibi??o:" String ID: 113 Issue: "Para maiores informa??es, favor" Correct: "Para maiores informa??es, favor visitar:"
  2. Multilanguage version of Recuva have some problems. Some translated strings aren`t showed totally in main window of Recuva. Bug or I must minimize some strings? In CCleaner v2 translations various strings are bigger than in English and CCleaner shows it correctly....
  3. Good! Very Good! But I`m waitting for TypeLib entires in Registry scanning and other improvments in Registry Scanning. v2 are 2fast! Thanks
  4. gjmveloso


    Brazilian Portuguese translation already finished! Wait for the multi-language version soon...
  5. MrG I`m Brazilian translator of CCleaner and I want to translate Recuva too. When Recuva will be showed in Piriform Resource Translator?
  6. I`m still waiting for MrG put Recuva strings in Piriform Resource Translator now...
  7. gjmveloso


    I`m ready to translate Recuva in Brazilian Portuguese. The translation resource will be avaliable in Piriform Resource Translator (online) automatically?
  8. Another improvement suggestion: CCleaner will be able to restart Windows Update. Recreating a new \WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution" folder and WindowsUpdate text file (logfile). This procedure can correct svchost.exe escalation bug when svchost request 100% of CPU usage.
  9. CCleaner 1.39.502 dont clean hotfixes uninstallers. The folders named with $ in the begin still in the WINDOWS folder. C:\WINDOWS\$hf_mig$
  10. Opera 9.20 release SpeedDial feature that cached tumbnails of your favorite websites. CCleaner to improve cleaning capabilities can detect tumbnails and clean then if didn`t affect SpeedDial configurations, who must be preserved.. Folders of Opera: \Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\thumbnails \Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4 \Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\images //Current version of CCleaner didn`t delete the favicons
  11. Where are the TypeLib registry issues scanning?
  12. The Brazilian Portuguese translations changes not included in this versions. At Piriform Resource Translator everything are translated.
  13. Wow! This new release sounds good!
  14. More one year ago, I translated CCleaner in Brazillian Portuguese language. Now, I need to update the file. Some strings are using old terms and more technical terms. To improve CCleaner easy-to-use facility, please send to me the Translation file. Thanks
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